Need 2 Bantam Ameraucana or Easter Egger Pullets or Hens

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Bethel, Ohio
    Hi. I have a pair of bantam wheaten Ameraucana. I had planned to sell them, but now I am keeping them and giving them their own coop. The male is show quality, but the female is "ugly" by standard. She is getting WAY too much attention from the male, so I would really like to add 2 more bantam ameraucanas to help her out and to add to the amount of chickens in the coop for winter.

    Because I have no plans of raising any chicks, I do not care if the pullets/hens are true Ameraucana or are Easter Eggers. My pair is about 7 months old, so it would be nice to find some around the same age, but I really don't care.

    I live near Cincinnati, Ohio and am going to the Ohio Nationals. If you can bring the birds to the Ohio Nationals, I will pay you before you bring them. If you can help me out, please let me know. Thanks!

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