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  1. Hi, I am new to the chicken world and we've started small, just 3 hens: 2 Easter Eggers and 1 Welsummer. They were mostly free range all summer but due to poo issues and young children they are in a coop and run and put out in a tractor daily but will probably stay mostly in coop and run during winter. I keep seeing info on feeding scratch and oyster shell and all types of things. Right now mine get a layer feed and occasional treats and whatever they catch in the yard. Am I not covering all their needs? What should they get to be as healthy as possible? (Within reason of course. Im sure I build them thier own greenhouse with a year round organic garden but thats just not in the cards! Lol They share our garden in the spring as is.)
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    A good chicken feed provides all they need. You really don't need to add anything else. Other foods are mainly to give them something different to eat, to use something that is at hand like kitchen scraps. Sure there are times when a supplement helps like more protein when they are molting. For the daily grind giving a good feed is all that is needed.
  3. Okay thank you!
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    X2 on what Den in Penn said.

    Chicken feed is a complete ration. If you read the label, it will tell you it is complete for the age it was designed to feed.
    If they're laying, feed layer. If not laying, feed grower or all flock feed.
    Layer is 4% calcium to build eggshells. All other feeds are 1% calcium.
    4% is too much for a bird not laying eggs.

    Insoluble grit is also important. It gets lodged in the gizzard to help break down foodstuffs. All birds need grit.
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