Need a home for a pet sheep- FREE


10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
I am actually posting this for my sister.

Our mother, who babysits for my sister brought home a 2.5 pound lamb for my niece to bottle feed (without asking my sister first) My sister lives in an appt and shouldn't have had a lamb to begin with but is now also moving to a new appt and can not take the thing with her. It is a female market lamb, she is 6 weeks old, healthy but only 15 pounds. She will never ever get to full size. Breeding her would be dangerous because she is not going to be a 150+ ever and a 20 pound baby or more kill kill her. Our mother is freaking out and demands that it not be eaten or go on craigs list or go to market. So its a FREE pet lamb to a good home. If you want her or know of someone who would she is in the central pa area.
Ah man, so wish that I could. I'll ask around. There are also farm sanctuaries or general animal sanctuaries in most states that will take in animals such as this little ewe.
She may have been a premie, but she not that small. A typical lamb ranges from 5-10 pounds at birth depending on the breed.

What is she being fed? She need a good quality milk and probios to give her a jump start. I would not recommend the use of powdered milk replacers, even if it is labeled for a lamb, since she is small. She needs a liquid milk. For small baby goats, we make a milk mixture:
1 gal whole cows milk (raw or pasteurized)
Pour out 3 cups and add 1 can of evaporated milk
Fill the jug up with buttermilk
Shake up

Give 16-20 ounces 3 times a day, warmed gently on the stove in a water bath.
Me sister had a runt lamb that the rejected... Sis bottled fed her reintroduced her to the group and the animal grew from the size of a coffee cup to full size, and produced beautiful lambs. I'm betting she will eventually grow to full size. Maybe try calling a 4H club for a new home for her...
Not to be rude but I wasn't asking for advice on how to feed a premie, or the fact that the people she got the lamb from said do not ever feed her cows milk because it will damage her intestines. further more no 2.5 pound lamb is going to be able to drink 16-20 ounces at a time. She is at six weeks, normal weaning time for a bottle baby anyways. She was actually born a tiny triplet. her brother and sister were 10 and 15 pounds at birth. They are now 45 and 50 pounds at 6 weeks.

My sister is not keeping it till full size. She lives in an apartment, she is moving into a even smaller apartment. She should never ever have been given the lamb in the first place. If her gets caught with it in the apartment she is going to get kicked out and lose her deposit. Its a farm animal and does not belong in an apartment.

Thank you though for the suggestions of a petting zoo, I will try and look some up. I honestly think our mother got attached and does not want to give it up, yet she does not live there or care for it and again its a farm animal in an apartment.
Where is she located? Maybe you should post on the buy/sell/auction page.

ETA oops, I see now PA. Too far for me!
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Oh, how I wish I was close enough to take her! I have 6 goats--3 of which I bottle-raised last spring. One of them is a tiny pygmy doe that I do not think is big enough to breed either. Good luck finding her a home.

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