need advice about two week old chicks


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I have a pet hen & rooster (bantams) and the hen hatched out three peeps. I have mom & babies confined in a box in a stall for now to keep them safe from my cats & dog. The adults do all right free-range and roost up in the rafters at night. My question is: do i have to vaccinate these peeps and how do I do it? I didn't really plan on this but didn't have the heart to keep the hen from being broody and I plan to keep the peeps. I am new to forum--my first post.


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May 19, 2009
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Hi! And welcome to BYC! I am pretty new also and new to chickens as well. My chicks were bought from 2 different local farms and they are not vacinated. I believe you don't have to have them vacinated. I would feed them medicated chick feed though just to be on the safe side.


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Welcome to the forum.

I'm not sure what you are considering vaccinating against. What diseases are prevalent in your part of PA? Are the older birds vaccinated against anything?

The medicated feed does not prevent coccidiosis, it helps keep the severity low. You cannot vaccinate against cocci anyway.

Some people do not vaccinate against anything and do fine. Some people have diseaese in their flock or in their area and have to vaccinate. Some people vaccinate just to be that much safer whether the disease is prevalent in their area or not.

I'd suggest calling your county cooperative extension agent and discuss it with that office. You can find the phone number in the book under county government or you can google it online. They should have recommendations regarding prevention of diseases for small flock owners in your specific area.

Good Luck!

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