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  1. hatrabbit

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    Feb 2, 2013
    I'm preparing to go away for 3 nights. Usually I'll have someone come and let my 2 hens out in the morning, lock them up at night but this time no one is available. Their coop is about 4.5' x 3' and about 4' high, with a roost high up. They are used to going out every day into a fenced run that's huge, like 20 feet square or more.
    I made a makeshift smaller run, maybe 20 sq. ft., with enclosed top 2 days in advance of leaving, and after seeming ok for a night they started freaking out this morning... screaming and trying to fly through the screen top.
    My question is this: would it be better for me to eliminate the temporary run and just lock them in their coop for 3 nights? I'm thinking that since it's more familiar they'll do better. I really want to avoid having them hurt themselves or create a 3 day ruckus for my (not so understanding) neighbors.
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    Have you tried your local FFA club at the high school? Most of these kids are farm kids and very responsible and might be looking for some extra cash or community project. They are all required to do so many hours of community service and most are looking for different ways instead of picking up trash from the school yard. The FFA teacher/advisor would be able to recommend somebody that is responsible and trustworthy. Best kids you will find anywhere!
  3. hatrabbit

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    Feb 2, 2013
    That sounds good, I'll look into it. But to my original question, do you more experienced folks think their familiar but smaller coop would be better for a few days that a bigger, unfamiliar environment?

  4. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    May be too late, but yes.

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