Need Advice ASAP on Silkie Roos Fighting- HELP

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by WildchildT, Sep 11, 2012.

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    May 6, 2012
    I have seven chickens, 2 of which are Silkies all about 5 months old. A few days ago one (Copper) started crowing and looking very roo-ish. We have dealt with the crowing as his behavior is docile and pretty much hangs off on his own. The second Silkie (Agnes) had me pretty convinced she was a hen just due to a duller general appearance: comb, coloring, etc. Today, however, I woke up to both Silkies fighting terribly. I quickly did some research only to find that most people felt Silkie Roos were docile and didn't fight much, but if they did they would tussle, get it over with, and no one really gets hurt. Looking back out at my Silkies they had feathers flying, latched onto each other's wings, pecking fiercely at their heads, and in an all out UFC style fight. It was ugly. I finally separated them and found both comb's slightly bloody. I put one in a small dog crate and the other let range. Agnes started crowing, albeit a weak anemic crow.

    When one of my hens laid an egg and did the egg-song, Agnes joined in. What the heck is Agnes a roo or hen? Every time I leave them separated for a few hours and let them back out they get along for a few minutes then it's back to an all out fight. I'm afraid they are going to kill each other!

    Also, I have a laying hen that is acting obnoxious all of a sudden (hens don't seem to mind the 2 silkies fighting) and doing the egg-song/barking LOUDLY and making the rest of the hens join in. I can't get her to stop the racket. She hasn't laid yet today and is acting scatter-brained.

    1. what do I do about the silkies? Are they roos and do I need to get rid of one or both or let them fight it out?
    2. If I do have to get rid of one, seeing as they aren't meat birds and not good to eat how do I get rid of him?
    3. What is with the laying hen's behavior?

    I have loved my chickens 100% from the day they were babies, but as a newbie chicken owner I'm about to tear my hair out and lose it today!!!

    I live in a neighborhood so am afraid I am going to get reported and upset neighbors.

    Copper- the roo

    Agnes...thought she was a hen!
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    Apr 21, 2012
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    I haven't any experience with Silkies. I did purchase 7 chickens at the end of March (4 bantams and 3 standards). Two of my bantams turned out to be roos - began crowing between 9 - 10 weeks. Initially, they would fluff out their neck feathers and chest bump one another. This escalated to jumping up and kicking one another. It upset my kids terribly. -didn't last long, though. I knew that they were very young and hadn't developed any spurs so they couldn't really hurt one another - yet. They established dominance, and that was pretty much the end of fighting. My little d'Anver roo leads the flock. My OEGB is 2nd in command. They forage around the lawn together without incident. There is a brief tussle on the occasion, but really nothing more than a flare of neck feathers towards one another. I'd say watch them carefully, if in fact you have two roos, but don't be too distressed. They will more than likely sort things out and be fine (especially if they've been raised together since they were chicks).
  3. furbabymum

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    May 6, 2012
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    I have no silkies but I have a neighbor who does. That thing was a huge bully. I was constantly punting him with the feed bucket as he'd charge and attack anyone close. It was insanity! My only guess is silkies have a small dog complex. lol Anyway, I had wanted some because they are cute but after that forget it!

    You can put a silkie on craigslist and I'm sure someone will take it. Roo's aren't terribly hard to get rid of on craigslist from what I've seen.

    No idea about your other hen. :)
  4. ramirezframing

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    they may settle it if you let there be a winner, they may not. my first silkie roo would attack any other roo no matter the size. But I now have two silkie roos in the same pen who do a tussle every now and than and that's it.
    as for your hen, mine all join in even roos when a song is sang

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