Need advice - Broody Silkie now laying again..

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    Mar 2, 2013
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    So I was fortunate enough to hatch out 3 silkies from 8 eggs I gathered for the incubator. (first time) The other 5 eggs turned out to be not fertile. Then I tried to gather more for the incubator for another hatch in the incubator, but I was only able to gather up 4 more cause she went broody and stopped laying. I set these 4 eggs in the incu and turns out these eggs after 10 days in the incubator were not developing they also were not fertile. So It turns out that only the 3 oldest eggs I set developed and all eggs since were not fertile and then she went broody for 4 weeks.
    I only have 3 silkies and only 1 is a hen and one active rooster the other is not doing any rooster moves..... [​IMG]

    So today I found 2 eggs! yea! first ones in 4 weeks yea! ....... what should I do? Should I open them up and see if she is now laying fertile eggs?
    If they are fertile should I gather up another 10 days worth and set new eggs in the incubator? Should I leave them with her and let her set on them since she was so broody. Maybe she wants to have her only little chickies? Does laying mean she is not broody now? They are only allowed to free range when I let them outside.... otherwise the 3 of them live in a 4x4 house in my house.... yea long story! Thoughts?

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