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  1. Hi all! My DH and i have our house in escrow in Southern Cal. Very close on having a home deal in Sacramento, Fair Oaks to be exact. But i'm freaking out a bit on the relocation.

    We need to be out of our house here at least a week prior to close of escrow, as it needs to be tented for termites. So all living critters have to be gone. New house, of course, can not close escrow until our home down here does. My husband already has a new job up north, and is renting a teeny studio in an extended stay hotel. i don't think we can squeeze me, our cats, and fish into his tiny space - let alone two EEs, ten silkies, and a brooder with five chicks. i have considered perhaps renting an RV for us and the cats and fish. Would be way cool to find a small farm to rent for like two weeks - but that is a very long shot. i've posted on the Sacramento craigslist with our situation, but no replies.

    My brain is all full, so hoping someone might offer some advice. Does anyone know of any chicken boarding facilities up north? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Maybe one of our members may have some coop space available to chicken sit?
  3. That would be a wonderful thing if i could find someone willing. i would be happy to pay a boarding fee. And then my 12 girls are producing between 7-10 eggs a day, which is an added plus. [​IMG]

    Maybe i should post my request under the For Sale and Wanted category?
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    wish I could help -- I graduated from high school in Fair Oaks, but most of my friends have moved on ... that was some time back ...

    am assuming you have already contacted real estate agents in Fair Oaks and Orangevale and Rancho Cordova, to see if any of them have short-term rentals with sufficient property around ... I looked for my old friend Cherie Cook but it appears she has moved out of the area ... also check in Auburn or out east of Folsom ... more country that way

    I know there used to be several people who kept goats in the area where we were living (off Sunset north of Winding Way)

    all I can say is good luck !

  5. Thank you for the advice. i hadn't thought about contacting agents about short-term rentals. i've just been perusing craigslist. Wish i knew someone up there with a bit of land.

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