Need advice/ Help.Older Hen coughing,rattle,appetite loss & slight wheezing

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    I have an older hen with symptoms that remind me of Chronic Bronchitis in Humans. I noticed this last Winter but No cough. When Summer came it got better. I did treat with Sulfamethoaxine also but it had short lived results The cough Just Started this last week on top of other symptoms. I tried the SulfaM. Drench for 6-7 Days using an Enema bottle to get it into crop(works great by the way as long as you get it way back into throat). She dried up & started eating good but came back again! I have had her inside for over a week.
    I started Tylan 50 (1/2cc for 4-5lb) but gave it orally due to recommendations/ comments on injection site inflamation on this site. I just completed day 5 so I need to stop.
    IS THERE SUCH A THING AS Chronic Bronchitis with Hens? NO OTHER HENS have it so being a Medical asst. I "assume" her condition catchy. ANY Thoughts?
    I WISH I could give her something to dry her up like the Sulfamethoaxine did. I NOW read via a UK site that orally Tylan only works 8hrs.(IF this is correct?) I Never noticed much of a change. One key thing I tried which leans me toward some type of Bronchitis is I used my Caruso hair steamer which requires salt to emit steam. I created a tent & I noticed NO Cough & her breathing slowed up some for about 2hrs. HELP!
    P.S. NO funky smells & fecal is dark but otherwise normal.

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    Sorry I can't really help, but this page does have diagnosis charts at bottom. You also might search the web for poultry chronic respiratory disease. That is a problem for many people....many threads can be different diseases.

    Yes they are diseases and contagious. You might also check the poo for worms. Some vets will do a fecal for a small fee. There was a lady on here who was getting ready to cull the flock for respiratory problems and the necropsy came back internal parasites and no respiratory disease! Curable!
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    My hens in the past had weight loss and a cough and it turns out they were parasite ridden. Please read through my link on the signature line below. I would worm all of your flock.
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    Yes here is the lady I was speaking of. [​IMG]

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