Need advice/help revamping chicken coop.


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Aug 16, 2011
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Here is what we are looking at... I need to lower my egg boxes and add more roost.


^From outside^


^from inside and to the left.


^inside from the right.


^straight on view.

I want to lower the egg boxes. As you can see, the pallets are holding up the eggs boxes and the roost, but the roost are lower, than the egg boxes, and I'm sure all of you already know what that means! a mess every morning for me to clean out. I like the egg boxes being in the back, but right now, it looks like I am going to have to move them along the right side (which is where our turkey pin is) or along the left side ( where our breeder coops are kept) and I would just be making it lower and adding some extra roost in the back? and I need to build some new ones anyways for a new coop, but I would just hate to build new ones, I really do like the ones we have up. If anyone has any advice or comments, please let me know, I just want to get my creative juices flowing! Thanks in advance!


^I have a lotta scrap wood, more than is in this photo

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