Need advice - LG 9200 with Reptitemp??


8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Battle Ground, WA
OK so I went a little crazy and bought more eggs after setting the first batch in my Hovabator 1588.

Now with two different hatch dates I need a separate hatcher, so I went off to the local feed store and bought an LG 9200. (I know, I know). The temp fluctuations are scaring me.

I've read great things about the Reptitemp 500 and thought maybe a more precise thermostat would solve the problem

BUT, can I plug my LG into the Reptitemp as is, or do I need to somehow disable the "solid state thermostat" that's in the LG?

Running out of time before the first lockdown, Wed. 1/18, so any info would be greatly appreciated.
Got this response to a PM from another member. Sure makes sense to me......

"you should be able to plug the incubator in to it an put the probe in an it work. You can just turn the built in thermostat up where it is not kicking off.."
I think this should work ok in a still air incubator or one with its fan running off of another power supply. I don't think one would want the fan going off and on along with the heating element.

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