NEED ADVICE-loose /flickering light bulb on day 15/16 ? now its day 22...


Nov 4, 2017
I have an incubator full of eggs. My hatch last month in my home made incubator with fan and egg turner was excellent. All eggs that developed hatched.
On this hatch, about day 15/16 I noticed flickering light coming from the incubator. .... and I eventually decided to check out why- and it was that the lightbulb was loose. It just needed a quarter turn. But it could've been effecting the heat for days, and I just didn't notice. I have two thermometers in there, one that controls the thermostat and another at egg level to tell me temp and humidity.
They never agree, but are always very similar. One reacts quickly (if I open lid it goes down immediately) and the other is a slower, delayed reaction. I think this combo is great. HOWEVER, it is possible that I didnt notice that the temp was low for a couple days .... maybe light was supposed to come on and didn't because bulb was loose etc...
Yesterday I woke up to 2 chicks, and another hatched around noon. No other pips since then!!
Should I candle?? There are 34 more eggs in there, and other than a handful that were too dark/blue to candle properly on day 18- all looked alive and well 4 days ago.
Humidity has been 60-74 % and I have not opened incubator until this morning to put the 3 chicks into the brooder.
I think its time to intervene.... or at least soon... it is day 22 (I put them in a warm incubator at 5pm on Dec 4).
I'd love advice form those with a ton of hatching experience.
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Looks like this reply came too late, but was wondering how the hatch went? Did more hatch after day 22? I have seen posts in the In the future you may want to consider a second bulb for the incubator if it was homemade. I made a homemade that has two bulbs just for that reason (Backup). Even if the bulb was flickering in yours, if the temp is controlled by a thermostat, and therefore controls the bulb, it would keep trying to light the bulb until you got to temperature I would think. If you haven't already found it, there are great articles on both hatching and incubators under the Articles tab-->Learning Center

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