NEED ADVICE: New Mommy hen to 6, 1 week baby chicks (stuck in coop)

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ironk8, Feb 17, 2015.

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    Hi, I have a Golden Comet who just hatched her 1st set of eggs. She was laying in her favorite nesting box inside the coop and I did not want to disrupt her. I have that end of the coop separated from the other chickens by some wire. The 6 chicks are 1 week old and mommy has not been able to go outside in 1 week now. The temps have been around freezing and this week should get into the single digits. Should I bring them inside or will momma keep laying on them for a few weeks to keep them warm. I have a heat lamp near her to keep water from freezing at night.

    My question is, should I some how allow her to get to the outdoors or will she stay pretty happy showing her chicks how to scratch the floor of the coop? Also, my coop is about 3' off the ground.

    My 2nd question is does she need supplemental food or greens? I tried hand feeding her, but she just took the kale and tried giving hit to her chicks.

    Thanks for your help,
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    She and her chicks should be allowed to come and go. She is ready to teach them to forage. They will run under her as often as neeeded durng the day to get warm. And they need to be able to get in and out of the coop at will. Just watch to see of they can navigate your ramp up to the coop, or adjust as necessary.

    If you don't let them out, they will be unduly stressed.
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    This is about the age where I let the hen and chicks integrate into the flock. Mama will be protective enough of the babies that no one is going to mess with her, and if your rooster is like most, he will protect mama from anyone who tries to challenge her. You're better off leaving them outside, whether you mix them with the flock or not, just because it's harder on them going from cold to warm, than cold to a bit colder. Have you seen the babies crawl right up into her feathers? My broodies have chicks poking out from all over their bodies. She does not need supplemental food. If you're giving them a good chick starter, they'll all be just fine.

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