Need ADVICE on a guy lol GIRL ADVICE!! LOL

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  1. ok soo i like this guy. but i dont know if i should tell him. we text time to time and we hang out every so often. were just friends. yesterday he texted me and asked if i wanted to hang out and he took me out to day to eat and we hung out all day. idk if he likes me back or just as a friend. i dont know how to find out or even tell him how i feel. ive known him for 2 years now. i kinda feel in a way i shouldnt tell him and just let things go as they are untill he tells me he likes me or if i feel were just always ganna be friends. i know this sounds kinda kidish but im not 20 yet but im not younger than 17 eaither. hes 21. soooo what should i do??

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    You only live once, and you never know when there will be no tomorrow. People looking back on their lives rarely regret the things they did do, but rather the things they did not. Why not tell him? Worst case scenario is he says he doesn't feel the same way, and that will just mean it's time to continue valuing him as a friend.
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    I'm probably the last person to get relationship advice from, but I am going to suggest that you don't worry about his intentions just yet. You are both very young to concern yourselves with a 'permanent' relationship.
    Since you two are friends, hang out together as friends and enjoy that. Trust me, it's much more meaningful and satisfying to have a great friend than a failed romance. If it blossums from friendship, so be it. Marriages (long term comitments or whatever is popular nowadays) should always be based on friendship and mutual long term goals, not some fleeting romantic illusion.

    (sheesh, I sound almost bitter - I'm not, I am very content with my 'lovelife' situation right now) lol
  4. Quote:YAAA i was thinking that. but ive had a guy in the past quit talking to me when i told them. and i dnt wanna lose him as a friend. but i do wanna tell him. i just dnt know how to bring it up lol
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    The value of a good and true friend is priceless.

    Let time take its course.

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    I would not say anything since you are right that he may lessen contact if he is not romatically interested.Some can dabble in the sex and remain friends,but usually people go on their way once things fizzle out. Enjoy the friendship.
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    You do not need girl advise, you need advise from a male!!
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  9. Quote:LoL that's probably true.

    Also, have you guys ever talked about relationships in general? Like asking... "Why don't you have a girlfriend? Are you waiting for someone?"
    Asking him general quesitons like that will make him start thinking about what and who he wants without you actually coming out and saying that you like him.
    Of course, the guys will tell you to just say what's on your mind and quit beating around the bush.
    Personally, I wouldn't be able to keep seeing him all the time and not be able to tell him how I feel so I say go for it!

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    I'd probably just kiss him.

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