Need advice on broken blood feather


8 Years
Apr 7, 2011
One of my males had a broken blood feather a few months ago. I gave him a bath and put neosporin on it but didn't pull it because it had stopped bleeding. About a month or so later, he started bleeding again in that same spot (maybe same feather?) I again gave him a bath and this time tried to pull the feather even though the bleeding had stopped. It was pretty short and I couldn't get it, so I put Blue-Kote on it. Again yesterday I noticed he had a broken feather. It's the same side and the shaft is maybe three inches long now, so my guess would be that this is the same feather that keeps getting re-injured. Again bleeding had stopped. Most of the advice I've read says to pull it only if it's actively bleeding, but if it is the same feather I think it will just keep breaking off. How difficult is it to pull a blood feather? I have a vet friend that would probably do it if I asked, but he won't be in town again for a few weeks. Any advice? I just want to do what's best for my poor duck!
Wow, I don't know about this. If you can keep treating the area until your friend returns that is one approach. Also, I suspect that our more experienced blood feather people may be away from the forum for a day or two. I hope they weigh in soon.

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