Need advice on feeding baby parrot formula to sick chicken

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    I've already posted about my poor little bantam cochin, Princess, who has stopped walking, is pooping green poop and isn't eating much. I was wondering if anyone here can advise me on how to give her hand-feeding formula? I'm afraid of aspirating her! (She fights me like crazy when I go to give her her meds so I'm sure she'll do the same if/when I try to force formula into her.) The only thing she will eat is dandelion greens (she eats a lot of those so far) and she pecks at the chick starter in front of her but I'm sure she's not getting much. Also, her keel bone sticks out a lot now. I'm sure she's lost a lot of weight. I've offered her all the things she normally would eat and she won't touch them now. (Wet dog food, scrambled and hard boiled egg, whole wheat bread, yogurt with oatmeal, strawberries and grapes, cooked rice, etc.) This is the third day of her round of antibiotics and I don't see her improving. [​IMG] Thank you for any advice you can give me!
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    I was feeding Penny with a I knew that she was getting some nourishment..I made it rather soupy so it was like feeding her water...
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    Not sure if u have ever hand fed b4, so here are a few tips. I like to use a pipette instead of syringe, but both are acceptable. Make sure the formula is 104-108 degrees. Any hotter will scald the crop and any cooler can set and cause crop rot. The esphagus is on the birds right side (your left when looking straight at it). I always hold my birds against me ( facing forward) and insert right to left. Just put ur pipette in toward the back ofthe throat and squezze slowly, they usually start to accept the food fairly quickly. Do not fill the crop clear full, just a nice bulge. If u have any other questions feel free to contact me.

    Edited to say: Make sure not to make ur formula to thick or thin. About the consistency of baby food.
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