need advice on finishing the run floor.....


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May 14, 2012
southern, il

we have set up our coop and attached run on a frame of old silo blocks.
wondering how best to finish floor to cut down on smell and make it easy to clean.

thinking about more blocks for floor? then 1 - 2 inch deep sand? or limestone?( is limestone bad for chicks)

Also do i need hardware cloth apron under block? planning 3-4 ft block side walk around edge of run. block not completely mouse proof maybe 1- inch gap in few places.
You can use a little lime in litter if you use the right kind -- I know pelletized is fine -- but sand is also fine. A lot of people make the whole run out of sand. Hardware cloth is used more to keep larger predators out, like coons. Traps and bromadiolone poison ( where the chickens can't reach it) will control mice, at least for adult birds.
Sand works well....don't know if limestone is Ok or not. Coop looks great!! Not sure if you need an apron or not....guess it depends on what predators you need to protect from. We don't have that many and the yard is patrolled by my dogs, so I would go with just the blocks here.

Looks like you are doing a fantastic job!!

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