need advice on how old or big should my quail chick and mommy rejoin the flock?


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Jun 7, 2016
Hello everyone,

I have a mommy and baby that I am wondering when they can rejoin the other 3 quail. I have chinese blue breasted quail. Had a mommy sit on her eggs and out of 11 only 1 hatched but he/she is looking good and strong is almost lost all of her fuzz, and now is nearly covered in feathers.

I wonder how large should my baby be to mix them up, right now I have them in a tanks next to the larger one.

However one of my hens is acting like a jerk towards another hen in the main tank. So I wonder if I should be reuniting them at all?

So first is mommy chick issue, 2nd issue is one hen in main section of which there is only 1 male 2 females one being a jerk and pulling feathers from the other.

smaller tank with Mommy and baby.

Any advice appreciated thank you

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Apr 20, 2015
Personally, I wouldn't put the chick back, I'd separate it from the mother at 5-6 weeks. But that's because I want my buttons to breed and not to inbreed. If you don't care about breeding, keeping mother and baby together might work out - I haven't tried it.
Reintroducing them is risky, I've never tried it with a bird that has been truly separated - when I need to separate a bird, I do so by placing a wire cage on top of it, inside the cage the others are in. That way, they can still see and touch each other and I haven't experienced any issues when removing the cage.
I have also introduced new males to females I already had. This has always been done in a cage that was new to all, but it has been surprisingly trouble free. Once, the two females evaded the male for a few days until they realized he wasn't a monster. On another occasion, one of the 3 females chased the male a bit the first few days.
I have read that male-female introductions might work best during winter, when it's not breeding season, and mine have indeed been winter introductions.
I'm not sure how adult females will respond to another adult female or a big chick, though - and especially not if they are in their usual cage, and that cage isn't terribly big.

As for the female chasing another, I have experienced the same. The females were raised together, then introduced to a male when they were a few months old, in a 2x5 ft. cage.
It worked fine during the winter, but when spring came, one started chasing the other. I was considering various options - introducing one of the hens to another group, getting a new roo and separating them into two pairs and such - but ended up deciding on giving them more room. That way, even if it didn't stop the aggression, the one being chased could at least get away.
So I put them in a 3x10 ft aviary and I haven't seen any aggression since. One of them hatched 10 chicks about a month ago and all 3 adults worked together raising them - only one died, so there is quite flock in the aviary now. And I think at least 7 of the chicks are males :/ Hope I'm wrong, it's so much easier to sell females..

Well, guess I didn't give you much advice, but I gave you some of my experiences and I hope you gain something from that ^^

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