Need advice on integrating


9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
My flock has two well established roosters, the Black Australorp being marginally ahead of the RIR in the successful mating game. The Black Copper Maran tries, but they keep knocking him off. Anyway, I brought home three BuffOrp hens and their Rooster, just a bit older so all pretty much the same size as the original flock. They have been sequestered downstairs in the back basement for three weeks and all seem perfectly healthy. I figure it's time to start trying to get them out in a coop and to free range with the rest of the gang. Today, I opened their door to see what would happen and it wasn't five minutes before Mr. BA was in there causing trouble, consisting of chest bumps and a bit of foot flying at each other. So, what's a better way to do this? I have two coops, but the one with the most room is the one where the BA and RIR live and ideally that is where I would like the BO's to settle. I was thinking of putting the Australorp roo in a dog crate in the run for a few days and letting the BO roo out to range. If I do that, and the RIR roo decides to take him on, what then. Oh, it makes my head hurt thinking of all the ways to try. Anyone have a surefire method or something that I havn't considered?? Thanks.

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