need advice on my coop population please

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by TeamChaos, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Nov 8, 2009
    Up until last week, I had 10 extra roos living in a "dude coop" and 15 girls and 1 roo living in a '64 beeline camper I converted to a coop... then I butchered 8 of the extra guys and kept the two that were nicest and too scrawny to justify processing.
    So now it's 2 guys living in the dude coop and the same 16 in the camper. Lately, one of the white roosters has taken to roosting with the ladies (he used to live in the coop when he was little, so he's familiar with it) and there hasn't been any drama but I don't want the other white roo roosting in the dude coop alone, especially come winter.

    Do I keep the 2 white roos in the dude coop and hope they stay warm in the winter?
    Do I add the 3rd roo, who currently lives with the ladies, to the dude coop for more body heat?
    Do I let the submissive white roos go back to roosting with the ladies for the colder months?

    This might be confusing as heck to read, if it is- I apologize. I guess I'm wondering what the maximum body heat per chicken I can anticipate in the winter... the "dude coop" is four feet off the ground, about eight foot long by four feet wide and four feet tall. It's made out of hardwood and has a good roof on it, but if I'm keeping guys in it over the winter, I'll add foamcore insulation to the walls (and cover it so it won't be snacked on, of course).
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    I would put the submissive roos in with the population. This way, you only have 1 coop to take care of in the winter.......get water for, clean, etc. I doubt you'd have any problems with the roo to hen ratio. In the wintertime, (from my experience) my roos are less apt to be so "busy" with the girls. Therefore, there's little squabbling in the coop. Last year my coop was way too small for the amount of chickens that I had in there, I'll admit it, but I just put alot of roosts throughout the coop so they could spread out on multiple levels and that made it quite nice for the birds. If you could do that I'm sure that could help out with space.

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