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    Feb 5, 2008
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    I recently (and I hope temporarily) acquired a hen found in my neighborhood. Her beak has been clipped and her nails are WAY too long, so I suspect she had been confined in tight quarters before she was dumped. Her toenails seem to be in her way - she sometimes curls one toe back and is a bit clumsy. Does anyone have tips on chicken pedicures? Clip or file? If I clip, how do I ensure I don't go too short? Are there any other precautions I need to take?
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    I would clip them a little at a time. If the nail is clear - you might be able to see the quick - in that case I clip to just before the quick. She very well might be sore footed for a day or so - as her feet have "adjusted" to the positions they are in. In a week or 10 days clip a little bit more off.

    For some chickens they do not mind having their nails done - others I have to hold like a football - with their face under my upper arm pointed towards my back then clip.

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