Need advice on turkey eggs./Info on building a hatcher.


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Thought id add both these questions on one post.

They are on day 5 today I have tried to candle them with the best that I have and they look no different from when i put them in the bator. I cannot see anything with the flashlight or the 100watt heating lamp rigged up to candle. I just see clear and what appears to be a yolk I cannot see an air sac or any veining. Even though I had a troublesome time candling my aunts green eggs. I couldnt see anything in them on day 5 either. I know turkey eggs are so hard to see through because of the thick egg shell. I am worried about them being rotten and busting and runing my other eggs. So what should I look for with what little I am seeing. Would it smell before it busted? would it become soft feeling or weeping looking before busting. They have along way to go and I just built a hatcher for eggs due before the turkey eggs but I will be adding more eggs to the batch once i remove some to the hatcher. Any info would be great.

Hatcher problem.

So I wanna build a hatcher I go buy one of the small syrphone coolers I have a heating light I dismembered down to just the cord and light fuse I put in a 25w bulb I insert it into the side make the flooring and add water. Using duck tape to cover around where I inserted the heating lamp fuse. I plug it in my temp runs to 110 and humidity at 67 my humidtiy is fine and it stays that way so I start making vent holes to lower my temp. I add more and more holes. Till it drops to 95 and stays so then i begin to cover some of the vent holes slowly finally i get my temp to 99.3 and it stays there with humidity at 67% is this ok for a hatcher temp and humidity?
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Try waiting untill 10 days,you should see vaining then. 5 days is realy early for candling. unless you have a cracked egg or a very old one you should not have a exploding problem. sometime I don't candle untill day 18, never had one explode

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