Need advice please injured chicken


8 Years
Aug 29, 2011
Rosie was I think pulled by a predator through the chicken wire of the run. She has a black mangled toe and her foot was swollen I had to amputate part of her toe which was dead.
She had been holding her leg up and I thought maybe it was broken so I trimmed the feathers and found a very swollen joint and black thick scab.
She is isolated, eating and drinking with encouragement. I'm using granulex to help debride the scabs and using a powder topical antibiotic and bandaging
I'm giving antibiotic orally and vitamins. I've wet the crumbles with ensure which she likes.
She seems stronger each day.
What is the chance of her ever being reintegrated with the flock. ( they are mean to her now if they get a chance to be)
How well does a chicken get along on one leg. She isn't moving too much but balances using her wing.
Is a vet visit worth it at this point. This all happened several days ago
It sounds like you are making progress. I have never had a one-legged hen, so I am not sure. If she can get around and the others do not pick on her, she should be ok with the flock once she is up to full strength. I hate to hear that this happened. I love all of my girls. If I was in your position, I would probably call and talk to a vet that does livestock just to ask any questions I had. It seems like you are making great progress caring for her though! Good luck.

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