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    Sep 12, 2010
    I have a flock of 8. One of my Dominques died three days ago. I was told she had lice and to dust her with Diatimacious (sp?) earth, which we did. Even took her to emergency vet and $150 later, she died.

    Now one of my Dorks is sick. Different signs..very dialated pupils, resperatory distress, not eating, pale comb. I have isolated her in a dog crate, have a heater on, have given her ACV in water, plus baby vits. Tried scrambled egg, oatmeal, yogert, etc...but she won't eat. It's Thanksgiving here so no vets are open. Any suggestions on other things I can do until we can get her to a vet tomorrow???? I don't want to lose her....she's a beautiful hen and less than a year old.

    My other chickens seem fine right now, but I'm scared to death this is something that will affect them too. Incidentlly, my chickens are housed in a well ventilated coop and are free range in a very large fenced in area. Nothing toxic in their environment. Help please

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