need advice with coccidiosis medication

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    hi all, we have some chicks that are appromixately 12 weeks old....I think we had a small outbreak of coccidiosis that I didnt catch right away....I am going to go buy some medication this morning...I have a choice of sulfadimethoxine or amprolium.
    Not sure which one to get...we are getting the medication we put in the water.
    One of my chicks is a little listless...she had runny poop this morning. No one seemed ill yesterday at all. She may not want to eat or drink....i am happy to force feed/water her. How much do I need to force her to have before it starts to work? I have syringes and can make her drink. I wonder how many times a day i should do it until she get a good does in her system? She is just kind of standing around with her eyes closed. She also didnt eant to come out of the coop this morning.
    Its amazing how they can go from everybody seems fine, to not, so fast.
    thanks for the help in advance!
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    I would recommend liquid Amprolium 9.6%, 1 to 2 teaspoons per gallon of water. Amprolium affects all nine strains of cocci, while sulfa meds affect fewer - i don't remember how many. And you want to medicate the whole flock....if one of them has coccidiosis.

    Depending on how long they've been on the ground, cocci might be unlikely. I don't know because i don't know all your details. I would just keep in mind other alternatives. Maybe give her a good looking over and see if anything else strikes you as not quite right before you medicate.
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    I have heard collodial siver works well... you should be able to get it at a health food place, or if all else fails, online. (But ordering it online might take too long. [​IMG] )
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    Sep 26, 2007
    newville pa
    Hi all, thanks, i ended up going with the sulfa one..the only place that was open was a amish type farm supply..they had amprolium but it was only indicated for calves. they did have the sulfa one in a GALLON JUG!![​IMG]
    so i got that one and put it in their is a concentrate.
    i made sure she drank a few times and seveal sip each time. so hope fully she will perk up soon.
    oh and she seems fine otherwise.

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