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    Oct 22, 2013

    I am new to this forum and having backyard chickens. I had 2 buff orpingtons and 2 production reds but something got a hold of one of my reds and well...down to 3 :( So we decided we would get 2 more to add to the flock and ended up getting 2 white leghorn pullets, we didnt have much of a choice in breeds due to not having many breeders around here in Maryland and only a handful of ppl even selling their hens. Well these girls are a couple months younger then mine and were going to keep them separated from my flock for the 2-4 week quarantine and introduce them slowly, but just wanted to get some opinions on this.

    My Red girl is head of the flock and my husband didnt know about the slow introduction process and let them go together and then I saw him in there frantically getting Red off of the younger pullet and saw her going after the pullets neck. Should I put Red away from the new girls when i add them? my Buffs really dont seem to care much about them (we have the younger girls in a large dog crate once I told my husband to get them away from the older girls).

    I look forward to reading more on here and getting some awesome advice on "seasoned" chicken owners.

    Few things about me:

    I live in suburban MD on .4 acre. I back up to woods and my neighbors think its awesome I have chickens. [​IMG] We have a coop that houses 6-8 hens with 3 nesting boxes. My original girls I raised from 1 week old and are easy to handle, NOT flighty and love my kids. (new girls are VERY flighty I have to use a net to catch them). My 2 Buffs and 1 Production Red are 7 months old and laying nicely.
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    Reds are often the bullies of a mixed flock. When the time comes, separate her and let the leghorns get chummy with the BOs. Then when you bring her back after about 5 days or so, she'll be lower on the totem pole.

    Leghorns start flighty but calm down as they age. Try not to stress them (like chasing or catching them with a net). That will make it longer before they tame. Just let them do their thing. BOs and RIRs are notoriously people friendly.
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