Need any advise for a newly born canadian geese

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    Sep 16, 2012
    Hello everyone, I am looking for any advise about a situation that was born last night. About a month ago I was down by my lake that is behind my house, as I was checking my snapping turtle traps located in the water I noticed on my dock there was a Canadian Geese that has been staying on the property with its mate for the last few months. Usually when I get near they fly into the water but this one stayed on the dock hesitating to leave but finally flew into the water, after she left the dock I noticed on the dock she left an egg.

    I picked it up and decided to see if it can be hatched, I had a few hens brooding on eggs so I slipped it under one of them, I read on the internet that they can take about a month to hatch so as my girls hatched chicks I moved the egg from one hen to another, this morning I found out that it finally hatched. Right now she is with the hen and seeing her as her mother and the hen see it as a chick for her to raise, I am looking forward to see the baby Geese grow up with my chickens and ducks, and when it is fully grown there is a 5 acre lake behind my house it can relax on during the day. would be great to see a Geese walk around with my chickens and ducks as they free range... Anyways as per food I have chick feed out as I use it for chickens and ducks with no issues and I figure it would be ok for her until she gets older.

    If anyone has a background raising baby Canadian Gesse and can give me advise it would be most appreciated.

    I will post a picture of it tomorrow when I can see it better. [​IMG]

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