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  1. Hi all,

    Thank you in advance for any help, suggestions or ideas.

    I have a BR hen who had some clear yellowish fluid butt mess which I cleaned well and left her until later that evening when I was able to attend to her. That evening when going to retrieve her and bring her in i noticed she was prolapsed. Immediately I grabbed the honey and was able to get the prolapse back in. However her vent still didn't seem right. It was very very swollen. I soaked her in a warm bath and set her up inside for the night. I waited about 48 hours to see if she would pass an egg, but she didn't. I believe the egg that cause her prolapse was her first egg of her new cycle as she did take a long break over the winter. Okay now get this, her last egg before her hiatus also caused her to prolapse which was also immediately fixed and a bound egg was removed.

    Up until today shed been drinking plenty of water with acv and garlic as well as eating (fresh greens & high quality organic mash) and has been very active. After waiting the 48 hrs and no egg I slowly and carefully went inside to see if I can feel any bound egg. I did not. However, she was extremely tight and swollen and as I went in she pushed out a lot of clear goo which I assume was some egg. After I pulled out she pushed out some very dark blood with very dark blood clots. After that I tried getting some calcium in her in hopes it would help harden the egg and pass it along. This was yesterday.

    Today, she is barely eating picking mostly, but did drink a little and she isn't as active. She's been sitting on a roost and not coming down unless I try to grab her. She is not hunching or tucking her head. She's not really showing any signs of illness, the brave girl she is.

    So I wanted to make sure there is no egg stuck, so again I lubed up with a glove on to inspect. There was still the clear yellowy discharge. Again she felt very swollen and tight. As I pulled my finger out, dark red blood with clots and some other small pieces came out. When I was in there I did feel a couple very small bumps on the walls.

    Here are some pictures I took of the discharge.

    What can these small pieces be?
    Is the dark blood with clots common with egg binding?
    Are the tiny bumps on her wall normal?

    Graphic images below.

    Thank you for any help.

  2. As a side note, I switched their feed from pellets to mash.

    She about 1 year 10 months old.
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    .Make sure she is getting plenty of water- I would also give her a broad-spectrum antibiotic for a few days. I have only had to deal with a chicken with a prolapsed vent once. Unfortunately, she kept prolapsing, so we had to cull her, It was a sad, as she was a pet- but she was suffering......
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