Need Baby Hummingbird Formula , Never mind (Released Him) :)

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    My friend brought me a baby hummingbird that had the end of it's beak some what smashed from flying into a window. It is mostly feathered, but I need to know what I can feed it so it can gain it's strength back to be released. I have been giving it small drops of Dextrose, but what should it be getting? Anyone have experience w/ this? [​IMG]
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    I would try to get in touch with a wildlife rescue for info.
  3. chickenzoo

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    There are not many around here and even if I did get a hold of them, it is hard to get birds to them. I have had fed parrots and doves, but not Hummers. It likes the Dextrose, but I was wanting something that meets more of it's needs. [​IMG]
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    Update: It was squeezing out of the bird cage and flying perfectly around the room. IT EVEN WENT TO MY RED VINYL, lol I fed it a bunch of pink lemonade, which it gobbled down, and I placed it in my azalea bushes by the house. I think it is almost grown and can take care of its self just fine. I have a lot of flowering plants and I've seen hummers up by the house on many occasions. I think hitting into the window dazed it a bit, and now it's recovered it's barrings. [​IMG]
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    Humming Birds eat small insect and sip nectar. You can make it sugar water. 1 part sugar 4 parts water. Plain old processed white sugar is the best.

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