Need Bedding Help - Chickens in Cameroon, Africa - Tropical and Wet environment - Deep Litter There?

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    Oct 12, 2015
    Hi All.... I am completely new to chickens.... but I have A LOT of them. Like 500ish in a chicken house in Cameroon. A friend of mine who has help raise chicken in the past is running the place day to day with another guy... but I am still very involved with bigger decisions on how to do things. My friend who is a Cameroonian national knows some about chicken but really not enough so we are learning together with this first batch. I use these chickens to try to support my family as a missionary.

    Anyway... I am confused on bedding. I feel like not enough is used. It's like they barely spread it out over the concrete floor. So it looks wet or damp a lot. I ask them to change it everyday just because of how it looks. I read bedding should be at least 2 inch.

    I am wondering if I could even do deep litter because during rainy season it gets colder and of course very moist. It rains everyday and very misty. I would be interested if possible though.

    For now should I just add more bedding? Like 2 or 3 inches? Is it maybe damp looking if they don't use a lot. They also like to crowd a lot in certain places to expect food. So maybe they are just pooing so much because they like to hang around for food in certain spots.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    How about switching to sand for bedding.

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