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    Would it be ok to have 2 girl canarys in a 15" x 15" x 18" cage, or should I get just one girl? (I am thinking 2 cuz they probably need "play pals" and I don't want babies) Would they make a lot of noise? How messy are they with their food? How many color varieties are there? And where can I get Canarys??? What do they eat; nut and berries, right? Please reply!!!!! I really want some!!!![​IMG]

  2. missypie255

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    Mar 1, 2011
    Please give me some more information!!!!!![​IMG]
  3. You asked about size of cage I would suggest at least 30x18x18 if you are going to house 2 hens. Canaries eat Canary seed or a Canary/Finch food. They love romaine lettuce, grated carrots and mashed hard boiled eggs. Always have grit, oyster shells available for them to eat. Fresh water and bath water everyday. They need the room to fly back and forth anything smaller would not be good. There are lots of colors available and hens are quiet and don't sing.

    Good Luck

    Sherry (Ranchnanny)
  4. Sorry I didn't realize this post was so old......[​IMG]
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    My Coop happens to us all.
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    A really cool breed of canary is the Crested Gloster Canary. I have one and he is hilarious! He loves to sing his little heart out!

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