Need cheap chicken tractor plans and pics

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    I am looking for easy and cheap chicken tractor plans and pics. We don't have a lot of money to put into anything else right now so I would like some ideas.

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    Apr 30, 2011
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    Grab some old 2x4s or 2x6 and rip them to 2x3s and built a retangular box frame about 3' tall. Remember you need 10 sq ft per bird when you're deciding how big to go. Cover the top, one end and a couple of feet on each side of the end with plywood, and hardware clothe the rest along with skirting it. You can use tarp, weather permitting and if you wire the whole thing, in leiu of plywood. Simply anchor a branch for a roost in the sheltered end and nail a old wash pan or box with low sides to the side of the sheltered end sitting on the ground, for a nest box. You have just met the basic needs of chickens. Hinging the end board or cutting in a hinged flap will let you gather the eggs and attaching a couple lawn mower wheels to the heavy end will make it easier to move.
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    My 2nd chicken coop was a hoop coop.. .Very simple & cheap. Cost me all of $60 and one day of time building. If you google "hoop coops" you can find several ideas...I used PVC on mine and it was super easy to work with.. Mine is 8 feet long & 4 feet wide. Works well for a trio of Bantams & it's easily moved.

    My 3rd pen is a chicken tractor.
    I picked up several Free pallets off CL & from the local hardware store.... took my time hammering them apart for there wood. Ended up breaking a few pieces but most survived.

    I used all that wood to build the frame of my chicken tractor.

    I found some old corrugated tin laying around my friends house. They no longer wanted it. Then I picked up a partial roll of chicken wire from a garage sale...

    Still finishing up the top but all in all it cost me about $10.

    It it just a plain rectangular pen with tin on the back side & part of the top for protection from the weather. Stands about 24" tall & is 7 feet long X 4 feet wide.

    I didn't add nest boxes or perches because I am using this one for baby chicks that are ready to move out of the brooder but too small to go in with my hens. I'm sure you could build up and add perches & nest boxes from the extra wood collected from pallets....

    Just a few ideas.

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