Need coop suggestions for one footless chicken

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    Jan 28, 2010
    Hi there,

    Last winter, one of my chickens (Gertrude) got frost bite on her comb and feet. I was able to take care of her, and she is healthy now and even lays eggs. However, she did lose her feet (she still has her legs). I am not able to put her in the chicken yard with my other chickens because they instantly want to hurt/peck her. So I have kept her in our garden fenced in area for the summer/fall. She has an upside down wheelbarrow that she lives under (it is propped up against the fence and provides plenty of shelter for her). However, winter is coming and I need to find a warmer place for her. Last winter, I moved her into our garage barn, but I would like to find a small coop for her this winter - maybe something I can keep down in the garden? If I keep her in the barn, she doesn't get access to outside at all. Does anyone have any suggestions? I thought the Eglu would be great, but it is expensive. I would like to find something a bit less expensive. Plus, she can't perch on anything, and I need something that she can get into easily that will keep her legs warm. So if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks!
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    what about the igloo shaped doghouses they have at walmart for around 40.?? You could rig up a door of some sort for her and lay lots of warm shaving on the ground
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    I have a chicken that can't see and now lives in my kitchen. She stays on a towel and I put puppy pads on top for her to poop on. I even made her a perch. She stays in that area and I even have a small portable pet carrier to go into. You know, the plastic ones with the wire door. I can't put her outside with other chickens for the same reason you can't put yours with them.

    I know it works well putting the chicken in a fenced in garden. I do the same. What you could do is build a small coop. It wouldn't be to hard. You can find scrap wood at Home Depot. You could also look on Craigslist. I have found tons of things for my animals there. Look in Farm and Garden, Materials, Free, General, and even house hold. You may find something that will work for you. Also, check Goodwill. That is where I have found my pet carriers. We are talking $3.99 and it works well for a lot of things.

    Good luck with a chicken house.
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    Quote:Ditto on Goodwill, also call around to the pet stores/farm supply stores and see if anyone has a slightly "irregular" or returned product they would be willing to give you.
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    Glad to have found this post, as one of my Marans has lost her right foot, and I'm sure the left will be soon to follow. We had a severe cold snap here (temps to -35F) and she was the only one of my chickens who were effected. I feel bad for her, but she's eating and drinking well. The day I discovered that her foot fell off, I was a bit startled but not surprised. Both her feet had blackened completely, and seemed to be more of a hindrance to her as she roamed around the yard. The other chickens didn't bother her then, but now that she has such a different gait, the other hens go right after her. I've separated her into her own "apartment" with food and water, and she seems quite happy. I'll be moving her into our garage for the rest of the winter, and give her a private "yard" whenever the weather is nicer. Curious what others think about maintaining a chicken like this?

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