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  1. My neighbors HATE us, I mean HATE us. We have lived here since Feb. of this year and they have called my kids cuss names to their faces (my kids are 8,6, and 2!), called the cops, Child Services, the building inspectors, animal control, etc. on us, anything to try and get us in trouble for whatever they see us doing at any given point.
    They hate us because we have kids. They marched up to us one month after we moved in and announced that they moved out to the country to get away from kids and animals.
    Well, they're in for a nasty shock because we bought the oldest farm in my city and we're restoring it to a farm.

    So, while things have been heated, I would say it's been civil for the last few months. Nobody is name calling anymore, or anything like that. I haven't had anyone show up at my door with a complaint in ages since I called the cops myself and filed a harrassment report.
    Now I wanna have some fun.
    Two weeks ago my first roosters started crowing and they are meat birds. I can't stand the sound either and they are heading off to a processor very soon.
    Weeks ago they decorated their yard for halloween, complete with Michael Myers scarecrow with sounds and lights....
    Yesterday DH and I came home from running some errands and we found that they had changed the scarecrows head to a Rooster mask and now he's holding an axe! I laughed my rear off, I think it's great! I doubt they know I can't wait for the Roo's to go myself!
    So now I want to make something in my yard but I'm not sure what to go back at them with.
    The gross part of me wants to make a really realistic fake dead chicken and put it in a old dog crate I have and leave right inside the property line LOL Complete with plenty of gooey blood and feathers strewn about.
    Or just wrap the whole fake mess up and stuff it into their mailbox [​IMG]
    Which I would never really do, BTW. That's just rude.
    Brainstorm with me!
  2. The Chicken Lady

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    I think the best thing would be to put a nice note in their mailbox telling them how much you loved their chicken-themed Hallowe'en decorating, since you love chickens so much. Tell them how super-creative you think they are for incorporating a chicken into their holiday decor.

    I bet you telling them how much you loved it would just burn their cookies, so to speak, because you know they were thinking it would upset you. [​IMG]

    That would be much better than any retaliatory decorating, in my opinion.
  3. AhBee01

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    Give them the old full moon!!!
    I did this!!

    Instead of the crow you can put a chicken!! LOL!!!

  4. [​IMG]

    Very true! I think I'll do just that!

  5. Quote:O M G! HOW cool is that?! How on earth did you make it?!
    So cool!
  6. The Chicken Lady

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    Quote:That is AWESOME! I love the other two laughing scarecrows to the side. So creative! [​IMG]
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    Not related to halloween but buy yourself a Denizli longcrower. Oh and why dont ya carve home made tombstones with their family name.
  8. LOL I just looked up the longcrower on youtube! Holy poo that thing can crow FOREVER! I thought it would keel over...
  9. [​IMG] [​IMG] It sounds like the neighbors have a twisted sense of humor! AhBee01's scarecrow would be a scream! I'd vote for something like that! HILARIOUS!!
  10. KKluckers

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    Sep 4, 2007
    [​IMG] That is hilarious.

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