need dog agility equipment plans


12 Years
Oct 20, 2007
Metamora, Illinois
you should do an online search for just that. I built my whole course out of nothing but 2x4 construction and a few pieces of plywood, for the a frame, dog walk and the table.. and PVC jumps.PVC is your can be used for everything except the major contact pieces, the table can even have a PVC base, if you use the 4" stuff.
Driveway stakes can be used for weave poles, and convert an old 55 gallon plastic barrel into your chute. For the chute it self, have your mom or someone sew a queen size sheet together, and leave both ends open, and attach it to the chute barrel with a bungee cord.
you are going to have to buy a tunnel, but you can sometimes find kids play tunnels at toysrus, or maybe even walmart.
search on Ebay, lots of stuff there that is really cheap.

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