Need Eggs for broody..will pay top dollar $$$


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Sep 18, 2009
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I was wanting to get some new chicks but now our Buff Orpington Mabel has gone
broody. I was hoping to add these breeds to our flock. Does anyone know where
to get only 2-3 eggs of each breed in hatching eggs???? Your do any of you out there have a few for me I'm willing to pay whatever it takes. My mabel really needs some babies.

I've looked at all the auctions but I'm not seeing any that have only a few of a breed and I'm not thrilled about buying assortments from hatcheries...what do you experts reccomend.

These are the breeds I'd love to add....

White plymouth Rock
silver-laced wyandotte
Speckled sussex
sicilian buttercup

I've never done this! I dont have a clue what to do...but I've been reading all broody posts on byc...THANKS
Have you tried posting an ad on your local Craigslist? Before my hens were laying, I used to buy farm fresh eggs from a local guy who lives outside of the city far enough to have roosters. He told me if I ever wanted fertile eggs, to just let him know and he'd hold some out for me - won't even charge extra for them! I found him on Craigslist to begin with, and though he was only advertising eating eggs, he clearly had hatching eggs also. And, if I have a hen go broody, I may take him up on the offer! Just a thought....
Hi, I can send you some Speckled Sussex that are very nice.

I'll be glad to overnight them to you.

You didn't mention it but I do have some lovely collored Welsummers as well.

You can see photos in the BSA Archives or I'll send to you.

My BCM's are already spoken for at present.

Please feel free to pm.
I'd love to get your speckled sussex, I'm trying to coordinate with a few others, are they ready today...yikes now I'm getting nervous, never did this before , but I bet my Mabel will be happy.

I have a Welsummer already but maybe I would take some, ooooo let me think and I'll check out your pics in a sec.

THANKS SO SO MUCH I have a fedex number you can use too!
Hi, yes both welsummers and speckled sussex plenty to ship today.....

I usually use USPS overnight delivery
and we do take paypal and would be glad to insure as well.

Fed ex is in a town that would be over a hour round trip.

I've had great luck with USPS and overnights.

THanks and I sent you a pm.

anyone have these to ship today or soon

White plymouth Rock

silver-laced wyandotte


sicilian buttercup
woohoo woohoo

I've got speckled sussexs and sicilian buttercups taken care of...

anyone have a few of these eggs I can buy

white plymouth rocks



silver laced wyandotte
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