Need Expert Help! Are My Little Silkies Roos?


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7 Years
May 12, 2012
Carrollton, GA
I have three 3-mo-old Silkies. I had hoped they were all hens as our city ordinance forbids roosters. However, I am seriously starting to worry that my buff and blue Silkies are little roosters. Not only do they chest bump and hop over each other all the time, but they are both developing little shafts of hardish-feeling feathers in the crests and tails. They are small shafts, mostly just the shaft with a little hit of feather sticking out. Can anyone tell me if this is indicative of both sexes in Silkies, or do I have roos?????

Let me add that my white and blue Silkies have very rounded, fluffy crests, while the buff has a small, more swept-back crest (although I've read this can go either way).

Any advice would be appreciated. We're already attached to them, but if we have to get rid of them, sooner is better than later.

Are you seeing any development of a comb yet on the suspected roos? That would be the dead give-a-way. Or crowing, of course too.

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