NEED HELP ASAP on a temp chicken coop-pics added

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  1. tebs78

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    Jan 1, 2008
    Hello all. I will post pictures later today, but we have a coop site/plan but its not ready. My chicks are now 6 weeks old and need to get out of the house!!! it smells SO BAD! We have a barn and some other small out buildings with electricity, but I need an idea for a temporary small place for the 9 chicks I have. My husband built me a "potting bench" that was maybe 2 1/2 feet by maybe 4-5 feet in length and 4 feet high that I surrounded in chicken wire. Do you think that would work for now? Oh I also have my old duck pen, but I think there are small holes the chickens could escape out of and it has no roof. (my ducks were rhouens and couldn't fly out.)

    Any other ideas would be appreciated. Husband says they have to go out today. I have heat lamps I could put out with them, but should they be in the barn (there are barn cats!)
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  2. chickflick

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    Mar 10, 2007
    I would think the chicks are still too small to go into the barn with barn cats. They would need a heat lamp also. You don't state where you are located, but if it's still cold there, you run the danger of them being too cold. The potting shed seems a bit small for 9 chicks, but better than nothing. My friend uses a refridgerater box for her brooder. If you could set something like that up in a garage, with heat lamp that would work. If you are warm enough for them to go in the barn with a heat lamp and enclosed so the cats can't get to them.... They're growing fast, so they are going to out grow boxes real quick! Maybe some one else will come on and help out with more ideas.... My friend also has them in her house and she has to change the shavings often to keep the chicken smell at bay.
  3. @migocontodos

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Commonwealth Of Virginia
    You do not say where you are located but if most likely if anywhere in the South the potting bench would work. It's warming up here and at 6 weeks of age, most of the chicks sould be pretty well feathered out and in need of no or very little heat.
    Given the size of the bench, that would give each chick enough space right now, but it won't last for long as they are at the point where they seem to grow "over night"
    Make sure you put wire over the top to keep them confined that way as well.
    If the wire you used is hard enough, I'd put a few sticks/roost in for them to play on and even maybe roost on. They are also at the age where nature is telling them that at bedtime you need to be off the ground. I, just like chickflick would keep them away from the barn cats. Why invite problems?
    Good luck!
  4. tebs78

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    Jan 1, 2008
    I am in Montana, sorry forgot to mention that. Its still a wee cold out. They don't have the heat lamp over them in the house, but figured they'd still need a heat lamp if they went in the barn or some where.

    I have them in a 2 foot high, by 2 foot wide, by 4 foot long metal watering tub for horses, lol in the kitchen and I change the shavings often, but the very next day they stink again. I also have some 2 weeks old chicks and goslings in another tub. But they are WAY to young to go out.

    We have "jugs" where we put the baby lambs for a couple days in the barn, I wonder if I couldn't some how put a barrier up around them so nothing could get at them and use the heat lamps that are in there. They have been off the heat lamp for about a week or two, since the new babies came. The jugs are about 4 foot square I'd say because its big enough for mama and babies to be in. They are about 3 feet tall. I suppose I could line it around with wood and find a screen or something for a lid and just leave a big enough crack for the heat lamp to hang over. I can't keep the heat lamp too close as it would get too hot for them I think.

  5. tebs78

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    Jan 1, 2008
    This is what they are in now in the house


  6. Farmer Kitty

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    Sep 18, 2007
    Is there any animals in the barn that throw off heat to help heat it? Or is it a cold barn? I know here our temps for the next little while is 40's for highs and upper 20's/low 30's for lows. I'm not sure I would put them out in that without heating the area around where you are putting them. They definatley need the heat lamp out there. Can you enclose a pen or your potting bench with solid sides to help hold the heat in?
  7. alaskanhenhouse

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    Mar 3, 2007
    Wasilla Alaska
    I have nearly 3 week olds out in my coop in a sectioned area under a heat lamp. Been out there for over a week. They are doing wonderful. My only concern is if we blow a fuse or bulb. Otherwise they are fine hopin around, fluttering here to there. our outside temps might reach 40 during a really hot day. Just keep any and all drafts off them and well protected from predators.

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