need help, cant find diatomaceous earth,

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    Jun 18, 2009
    Need name of company that makes this, so i can email or call them.... My chickens have lice or mites.... I have looked and called everyone around here, no one ever heard of it.... thanku every one i live 35 mi from St. Mo, in Illinois....
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    I went to the site of but couldn't find DE or diatamaecous earth. I know it is sold in garden/plant grade in the garden supply departments of stores. But, although it is easy to find & commonly used, it does contain 85% silica. Food grade DE is not that high, as silica is linked to tumors. I use the following homemade recipe for my chickens & have only seen lice when I forgot to refill the tray for about 4+ wks, we live in the woods with lots of critters roaming around.

    1 part wood ash (from woodstove or wood burn pile)
    1 part sand
    1 part road dust (fine dusty dust)
    1 part DE - diatomaecous earth

    -the last 2 ingredients can be substituted with 2 parts Stall-Dri from your local farm & feed store (it contains bentonite clay & DE with only 1% silica). This is what I've been using this year. Also, I toss some on the coop floor once in a while & in each nest box. Stall-Dri rids moisture, odor & the pests.

    Mix it all together & put 6" in a kitty litter tray (meaning to try one with a dome lid for cats, but just use the tray now). Keep the tray in a dry area & available to chickens all of the time. They'll do the rest.

    If you find any mites, lice or clumps of lice eggs (especially on their rump feathers) or the eggs on their skin or base of their combs, just apply VetRx & again in 10 days for at least 2 treatments. VetRx for poultry is great for wounds, frostbite on combs, & others problems. It can put in a spray bottle for ease & it is not harmful (maybe even helpful) if it gets in their eyes, mouth or nostrils. I do everything I can "natural & organic." Good luck with that.
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    Jun 18, 2009
    Thank you so much i found the earth stuff but have to call them to get shipping charges, that right there will proubly be wayyyy to much.........So sounds like u have a good deal... I will try this Good luck
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    Check prices on Randall Burkey as well. They were quick, packaged efficiently and the shipping was not outrageous when I ordered some last week.
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    Here is a source of DE that I believe has free shipping to a physical address (not to a post box):

    here are other sites for DE

    for what ir's worth also, here's something else, cedar oil, that apparently has been used by the us military to tackle sand fleas in the middle east and works for lice and mites. It is natural and less toxic, and they claim it works better than the chemicals.
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    I bought from - was $43 including shipping for a 50 pound bag. [​IMG]
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    Jun 20, 2010
    Here's a website that offers 5 and 50 lb. bags. The prices are reasonable but the shipping may be high, depending on your location. Hope this helps. Here's the link to their page:
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