need help for chicks ASAP, can't walk or stand!

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12 Years
Mar 1, 2007
Okay so as many of you know I ordered chicks from MMH and they arrived the 25th of last month. Durring the first week I lost 30 altogether. They are a little over 2 weeks now, and a few days ago I noticed some were having trouble walking, almost like they were drunk. They would get up try to walk, wobble, and then just fall foward. Now I'm noticing the same things happening to the other chicks. They were perfectly healthy and now this happens. I don't want to loose my whole order. Does anyone have any ideas on what is wrong with them or what to do to help them?
My goodness, that's awful.......
I can't give you to much help as I don't know much myself but I would definately take the sick lookin ones away from the healthier ones, if you didn't do this already.
Gosh I hope you are able to save the rest.....good luck. :eek:
I'm sorry I don't have any advice to give! I want to say someone else just recently posted about that too.... I hope you can get some help with this
What kind of environment are they in? Was the area clean when you first put them in a pen or whatever you are keeping them in?
The area is always very clean, cleaned everyday. New food everyday and new water with electrolytes and vitamins. And the waters and feeders are also cleaned out every day also. It's not too hot around 85-90* like it's suppose to be. I just don't understand they were healthy and then this happens.
We have tried everything to not much luck. You could try an eye dropper of honey in their mouths.

Of 115, I have lost 11 so far and have 17 more in the house. Looks like I will lose quite a few of those eventually too, but some are rallying. What they do is start acting weak, like they can't balance and you will see them sleep a lot and use their wings to balance when they do try walk. Then they get "bobble head" acting, with their heads shaking uncontrollably. They they will quit eating. Eventually they quit drinking and die.

I am hand feeding mine. Have been for almost a month now. Whatever this is, seemed to happen at MM. I don't know if they got chilled there, or they were exposed to some chemical, or if it is the vaccines or what.

On my replacements, I changed EVERYTHING. They are in the house, different company for pine bedding, I am feeding these Purina Start and Grow, etc. I lost 1 Blue Cochin right away, and have 1 weak Cuckoo Marans that I am keeping alive. Well, two days ago, for no reason, another Cuckoo Marans has become weak with the wing flapping, etc. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with their environment. They are in a house that is humidity/temperature controlled and is less than 6 months old. They have new feeders, new brooder, vitamins in the water, good heat lamp temps, etc. A completely ideal situation. We will see if any more are affected, but it is starting to go the same way it was before. I haven't called MM yet, these are about 12 days old. The breeds that weren't affected in the beginning are doing very well from the original order. I will let everyone know what happens with this second bunch, but I am about exhausted from trying to care for these birds. I have never seen anything like it.
nope, all wood floors. I moved the sick chicks into my bathroom with a heat lamp, sugar water, food, ect. I gave them some honey and they loved it. Hopefully they'll get better.
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