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9 Years
Sep 5, 2010
I have a couple of 7 week old hens in a cute chicken ark in my backyard. Before getting the chickens I read the township ordinances and in the animal chapter chickens were allowed with as long they are 25 feet from property lines and I saw no exclusions in our zoning. Well, I got a letter from the township that says chicken are not a permitted use in our medium density zoning. After numerous conversations with the zoning officer, he admitted that it is very vague and confusing. I have decided to take this to the planning board to hopefully make chickens a permitted use. The zoning officer was also going to talk to the planning people. So I am looking for people with chickens in Susquehanna Township to help me get them truly legal. For the time being, until this is clarified I at least don't have to get rid of the chicks.
I too live in Susquehanna TWP and did exactly as you have. I printed out the zoning laws and ordanances and took them with me when I discussed this issue with my Commishioner and the TWP Officers. Keep us posted as they couldnot say that I could not have any HENS just NO ROOSTERS! Keith
I live in Swatara Township, and our zoning doesn't prohibit chickens specifically, but it does prohibit any livestock "larger than the average dog." It also prohibits any animal (chickens specifically mentioned) from running at large on public or neighbor's properties, as well as the general noise disturbance issues. But nothing specifially forbidding chickens.

We have 3 hens in a small chicken tractor, no issues yet... We have neighbors with goats though, so I don't anticipate a problem with a few lowly chickens.
I know this thread is old but looking for an update to see if anything was won over? I can't seem to find anything and want to see the laws in the township. I did see a Pennlive clear for residents fighting for it.

I brought home a chicken from a friend that was being picked up shes pretty content by herself but super loud in the AM and I am thinking she might be disturbing the neighbors - I'm going to talk with them to make sure but I wanted to know what my rights were first LOL.
I just started raising chickens this spring and got 2 roosters. I talked to my nearest neighbor and said I would get rid of them...didn't want to bother the neighbors. SHE said she loves waking up to them and went herself to all the neighbors who all agreed it was a pleasure or at least no problem to have chickens in the neighborhood. I have 2 acres but the parcels in front of me are like 1/4 acre lot so I didn't know what to expect.
have you had any luck getting this ordinance info? I would like to have 3-4 hens but am hesitant to do so, although there is a small "farm" around the corner and their chickens run loose across the road, as well as some down the street (who had a pig that got loose and came to visit). One of my other neighbors did voice a complaint about a rooster, that I understand as we have a noise ordinance.
I live in susquehanna township also. My neighbors have at least 6 chickens and a rooster on 1/3 acres of living space (subtract the in ground pool). I don't mind the chickens, but the rooster is annoying as h3%# . It crows numerous time daily starting as early as 3:30 a.m. It needs to go NOW !! I copied the zoning laws and ordinances and forwarded them to through the contact us section on the web page over two weeks ago and have yet to hear from them.

205. Unlawful Acts

It shall be unlawful for any person to allow any pet, domestic animal, nondomestic animal to do the following:
A. To make any loud or harsh noise or disturbance which shall interfere with or deprive the peace, quiet, rest or sleep of any person within the Township; and/or
Im reviving this thread once again because while I currentlly live in AZ we are considering a move out east and found a really cool property in Susquehanna but Im not sure what the chicken regulations currently are. The property there that we are interested in has more than a third of an acre of land. What if anything does anyone know about current backyard chicken laws in the area? We do have a rooster but would be willing to sell him if they were not allowed.
I do not live there but if you start a petition I would gladly sign it i believe anyone should be allowed to have chickens no matter where you live hens that is roosters i get they don't want in the city but hens are not as noisy i hope all goes well

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