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    Oct 26, 2008
    I almost have my coop done except for the popdoor and I have no clue as how to do it. Does anybody have any step-by-step pictures of how they did their popdoor? I would be forever grateful for any help![​IMG]
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    Mar 12, 2009
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    I don't have any pictures but can tell you how I put one in a horse stall turned chicken coop.

    Noble horse shelter is made with metal tube framing with 3/4 inch plywood attached to the metal frame.

    I wanted to put my poop door next to the man door, so I could go into coop directly rather than go through run, and quickly open the poop door. The only issue with my method is, if I get out to the coop after the sun comes up, all the chickens are fighting to be the first one out and some try to sneak past me outside. If I had put the run in front of the whole coop, I would then be going through the run to the man door but wouldn't have to worry about the chickens getting outside. Luckily, my chickens were all raised by me, so they are easy to catch or even go to the run door to be let in because they know I'm putting out food.

    Any how, I only had a circular saw so I marked off a hole 6 inches above the coop floor as I planned to use the deep litter method. 15" wide by 20" tall, and carefully cut out my marked rectangle. I used the board I cut out for the door.

    I then installed two hinges to the top of the door on the inside of the coop so it would swing back and forth. I then attached an eye bolt hook on the bottom of the door (inside) and attached another eye bolt above the door when the door is swung up and open. I attached a short chain on the door eye bolt to then hold the door open during the day.

    I then attached to the inside of the coop a 3" wide board that is mounted on the left side of the door that then swings down to the right to a 3" wide 6" tall board that sticks out an inch that accepts the long board that prevents the door from being pushed in. (Not sure what the term is, but it's like the old time western movie cabin doors.

    I have a hook that clamps down over the eye bolt that prevents the door from being pried out as well. You could also put a frame on the outside of the door that would prevent paws from prying that way as well but I didn't since I have the door double secured on the inside.

    I love the way my door works because I don't have to slide a board down in anything or have a bar across the door that I have to stick somewhere when the door is open. I wanted everything attached and easy to swing here and there.

    I so hope I didn't confuse the heck out of you.

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