need help, males or females?

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  1. When raising Cornish giants.

    What do you find are the advantages and dis-advantages of raising just Pullets, or raising just cockerels?

    I have been doing meat birds (cornish cross giants) for a few years now. I run around 800 per season. I have always done just a straight pull.

    Im looking into just one sex, but I just can decide which one. I find cockerels finish much faster but they don't have the fat content like a hen (I do all natural chickens) so the fat is delicious. On the the other hand, hens finish later and tend to carry more carcass weight, and have an amazing fat content, which is what you want in a natural chicken. All my birds are already sold, so it's the choice of shortening my season (more time for fishing and hunting) or having a longer season which means heavier birds and more money. Not much more money tho, after feed conversion is done.

    Im torn between the two, I need some more comparisons.

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    I can't help you, but wanted to say you might get a better response in our Meat Bird section. Most of the Managing your Flock folks are owners of smaller layer flocks.
  3. Ya, just noticed the meat birds section. My bad..

    Thanks donrae

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