Need Help!! My older chick got stepped on by my pony!!


7 Years
May 12, 2012
Hi I was wondering what to do to make my older chick more comfortable and better. She got the front of her left leg stepped on by my pony. When I got to her about an hour or 2 later she was just laying down in the corner of the stall. I brought her back to the coop. The older hens wouldn't left her lay down for a while. So I put her in a cage and put straw for her to lay on and I gave her a bowl of food and water. She is now in my polebarn by the cage of my baby bunny. So the pony ripped off some of the front scales. She barely bled but did a little. So she want walk on that leg. As it is probably very painful. So she is making a little progress. she hopes around more and seems to be more alert. So what can I do to help her?


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
First, if you have blukote, I would spray it just for good measure. THEN, dissolve an aspirin in her drinking water. It will help with pain. Keep her in a quiet place for a day or two. She's probably in shock.

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