12 Years
Jan 1, 2008
Darn it, my 20 month old son got into my incubator and managed to crack one of my seb. gosling eggs. Now they are due to hatch out tomorrow. What do I do?? Gosh these eggs are expensive and they are on day 27. Gosh did we just ruin any chance of hatching for this little guy/gal?
I don't know anything about those kind of eggs,but if they are due out tomorrow,I'd say anything you do would harm them more than just leaving them alone and hoping. I sure hope someone who knowsmore than I do reads your post. Good luck!!
I am just so ticked right now that the little stinker hasn't bothered the incubator what so ever until tonight. I guess on a brighter note at least the crack is up where the gosling would normally pip at. GRRRRR I put them in late so they aren't due to hatch out until later in the evening tomorrow. I don't plan on touch it unless some one knows something i should do?
All I know is to keep your humidity up, and mist the egg in hopes of keeping the membrane from drying up. Good luck
If they are due tomorrow, I would be inclined to leave them, but I have heard of some members melting a bit of crayon wax (or softening the crayon near a flame) and sealing the crack (not the whole egg) with that. Keep us posted.
yeah I thought I heard that too, but I wish I knew what to do at this point? I've only done one prior hatch and it was last season so I don't recall if I saw the eggs moving or not at this point. the eggs are so much bigger than chick eggs. I just am frustrated.

Thanks for your repsonses.
With such a short time left before hatching I don't think you will have a problem. Let it be and it should be fine. It would have been much more likely to cause a problem if it had happened earlier in incubation. During candling my last batch I dropped my flashlight on one of my eggs. It crushed the side of the egg in and the chick still hatched out just fine.

Well on one aspect I just answered my own question. I just saw one of the goose eggs dancing around big time. Not the one that is cracked but one next to it! That makes me feel better though.
Thank you RIchard that really makes me feel better. I will keep you all posted as to how my hatch goes. THANKS

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