Need help or advice for egg turner (homemade)

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    I am planning a homemade incubator

    I have a digital thermostat with heat and cold outputs and settings, i can connect a bulb to increase the temperature and an extractor fan to lower it. I have everything standing by and i will construct it soon, i had not construct it yet because i dont know how to turn the eggs automaticly. I need to know to give the incubator the right dimensions. I have no clue. I searched the forum but i found no answears, its a huge forum and i got lost. Any advice will be appreciated.

    The egg turner idea is becoming too complicated. I need a "smart" solution. Should i buy a digital timer and some kind motor? Then, what motor? how will i stop the motor at the right position? Should i use an egg carton and turn that with the motor? How? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I think the homemade incubator will cost me more than if i was going to buy a new one. It is fun tho and i have started already so i am willing to find a proper solution to turn my eggs automaticly. Preferably without buying a commercial egg turner that was meant to be for some other commercial incubator.

    I want to be able to incubate more than 20 eggs

    Any help, advice and links will be appreciated

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