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    Jan 18, 2010
    hi we are all new to this but have a questions and truly don't have time to browse all the posts and archives so you can email me privately if you wish.

    we hatched out our first 2 chicks last weekend--one has a problem with it's leg/feet not straightening. that is another question ..

    this weekend we are hatching out 3 more eggs one did great and arrived last nite with #2 pipping, but it is still in the shell--doesn't want to really push it's way out so it is just sitting here poking it's head/beak out.

    third egg--no sign of a crack yet.

    questions; what do we do about the foot issue with hatch #1 and what do with do with egg #2 from today--what will happen.

    thanks for you help.

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    I have read a post about a similar issue regarding the foot- - - I think what they did was stick a bit of cardboard to the bottom of the foot to straighten it, you could also try making a splint.
    I am mainly bumping the post here, as I know there are others out there able to answer the question better than me.
    Mabe post in the Emergencies/diseases/injuries/cures section - - you may get better replys there regarding the hurt foot.
    Good luck [​IMG]

    E.T.A welcome
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    how long has it been this way pipped. you can help it by picking away the shell from the top, big end. if you see blood stop and put it back in the bator. only after its been 24 hrs. he may be just absorbing the yolk and resting. is the humidity still up. that will keep it from drying out and sticking to the shell.good luck.

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