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    Jul 17, 2015
    My sister and I have just rescued a 4-7 week old muscovy duck from a busy area. We have some questions because we know nothing about them and want to know more. If it is a male I own a Welsh harlequin duck who is 3 years old and I own a Indian runner duck who is 6-10 months old. Will he hurt them when he mates them? Also do they mate in water or out because I know some breeds, like Indian runner ducks can mate out of water, but I want to know if he will. This 4-7 week old muscovy doesn't have any feathers on his wings, his wings are bald, could you maybe tell my why this is the case.
    Thanks! (Any information on the breed muscovy will be appreciated!) [​IMG] I will upload pictures later.
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    @duck-horselover Muscovys are wonderful birds, I am partial since i had had them since 2004 but they really are laid back and quite friendly if you spend time with them. Wag their tails like a puppy too.

    I really don't think you'll have too much trouble with your duckling mating with your other ducks if it turns out to be a drake. Female Muscovy's are about half size and less i n weight than drakes and they haven't any problems mating with Scovy drakes. My drake weighs around 15lb my heaviest female around 5-6. As for no feathers on it's wings could be nutritional probably giving it a good balanced diet will help get the feathers growing in, it might be good to check for parasites also mites and lice. But if you give the duckling plenty of good water to bath in they will be taken care of if it has any. Love to see a pic when you get time.
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    Congratulations on your new addition! I'm a Muscovy fan like @Miss Lydia.

    With regard to mating, Muscovies will mate both in and out of water. It's a bit alarming at first to see a drake, twice the duck's size, squash her on the ground while he does the deed, but the girls are none the worse for wear afterward. I recently added an Indian Runner duck and her mate, a Pekin, and the image of those two mating is just as bad...:eek:

    On a serious note, though, don't forget the extra niacin for the duckling. I add brewer's yeast to the duckling feed and haven't had any of mine manifest niacin deficiency symptoms.

    There are numerous BYC threads about Muscovies - a quick search should bring them up. I think this site gives a good overview, too:

    Best to you and your rescued duckling.
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    They don't develop wing feathers till they are much older. Don't be alarmed just yet.
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    Also be aware that any ducklings that you hatch (if it turns out to be a male) will most likely be sterile- meaning that they can't reproduce or lay eggs themselves.

    I can't wait to see pics (hint hint..)

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