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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chrwalk7, May 27, 2016.

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    Feb 28, 2016
    We bought 4 day old chicks about 3 months ago - all but one (the blue crested polish) were guaranteed to be hens. Recently we witnessed our Polish crowing but haven't heard or seen it since. Prior to that we would hear what sounded like crowing, but could never see who was doing it. We showed pictures to the place where we got them from and they said that the Polish is a rooster and one of the others (the Wyondotte) is also a rooster. The wyondotte did grow much quicker then the other 3 and her feet and legs were much thicker, so I'm guessing she could be a he. But my blue crested polish is so cute, and I really want to be sure before we have to re-home as city ordinance prohibits keeping roosters even though we live on the outskirts with acreage. Can anyone please help us with identifying if the Polish is a male or female?

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    I have no experience with polish, and all breeds display gender characteristics differently...and at different ages. It certainly has quite a bright wattle, which is very suspect. I can't tell from your pics - but look closely at the saddled feathers - the feathers draping down the sides from the base of the tail. If you see some thinner one that are rather pointy, rather than wider, rounded feathers, then that would indicate male. Do the same thing with the hackle feathers - the feathers that ring the base of the neck, especially along the back/sides - are they all wide-ish and rounded? Or are they rather thin and pointy??? If there is pattern on the feathers, ignore that (sometimes patterns create an illusion of pointiness) and look at the actual feathers.

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