Need Help Sexing These Chickens


Jul 19, 2016




Back in March we purchased 8 ISA Brown pullets based on the temperament and egg laying propensity of the breed. We already had 6 white leghorn hens and a rooster so we were the plan was to add to the flock to get the male/female balance more in alignment.

After 4 months the ISA Browns are all bigger than my existing hens except for one. Additionally 5 of the birds have combs, wattles and small spur buds. Some make attempts at crowing, and they are constantly mounting each other in a breeding way. As soon as I think I have identified one as being a rooster due to his behavior, that chicken will be mounted by another one.

Everything I have read indicated that ISA Brown Roos are white with red spots. All these chickens are predominately red with white spots. I have added pics. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Not sure what I am going to do with 5 Roos now. I will say that they are very friendly and like to follow us everywhere when we are out in the yard - so they are worth having just for the entertainment value!

Thank you BYC community!
They are all cockerels, but not Isa Brown cockerels. Not certain what cross they are, but Isa cockerels would be primarily white with some red flecking.
Thank you. We should have known better - these guys all came from Tractor Supply. They were willing to give us our money back when my wife brought our suspicions to them but the $15-$20 refund is of little consequence with 5 unwanted roosters now. And if they are not ISA Brown that makes it even worse.
This year our local TSC (NJ) has done a lousy job on identifying chicks. I don't know if it is the fault of TSC or of the supplier that they used this year. They had one tank of 'silkies' that were so evidently crossbreds that they eventually sold them for $ 1 each.

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